Arcade Machines

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Wonder of all wonders; an arm wresting machine? This can only be found in Japan. Japanese are go getters and enjoy their life to the full. This is what we call amusement to a higher level. Japanese arcades machines are a type of machine where individuals fight it out during gaming. There have been a few occurrences that have forced the Government and the authorities to think twice about this type of martial arts games. Over the last season a few individuals have had their arms broken as they game in the arcade machines.

Arcade Machines

Arcade Machines

It has been noted that the number of arcades machines is decreasing by the day. This is a clear sign that they are being pulled off the market. Japan has faced one of the worst seasons in amusement industry. With the number of arcades reducing, owners are forced to reduce the normal charges by large amount of Yen as to keep their customers coming back. The law has also to provide clear guidelines on how to deal with the few incidences that have happened over the last season.

The arcades are left by one option – growing together. It has become necessary to unite and make it in the dwindling business sector. This has become quite a tall order for most owners. They still find it quite difficult to come together and have an association of arcades machines owners. It is only through such unification that they can make their voices heard. Unless they are united, it might not be easy to address the current problems and come up with better and customer friendly machines.

Gaining the confidence of the general public will take time and effort. This can only be done by introduction of better and newer machines that promise amongst other things, safety. Restoring and building back the lost clientele will take time and effort but all is not lost. The 21st century is one of the decision making in the amusement industry in Japan. Unless they put their foot forward and face the Government, then arcade machines will become a thing of the past and will only be read in history books.

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