How to motivate your staff for the new year

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The most crucial and vital task for an organization is to keep the workforce motivated. It is a challenging task which a human resource department of an organization needs to do. Sometimes working the same task may become monotonous task for number of employees. It is human nature that one day people are fed up by doing same task. This is the situation where human resource department need to show abilities and skills to remove this boring attitude of the employees towards the work.

How to motivate your staff for the new year

How to motivate your staff for the new year

The motivation according to human resource department is all about hard work and how productive an employee is? You can check out the motivation level of the employees by checking the attendance register, punctuality and quality of work. However there are various factors which lead towards motivation and de motivation of employee behaviors towards work. As motivation is considered as internal state of mind of a person and his behavior, it can be changed due to the management policies, work burden, leadership, and nepotism.

You cannot force your employee towards motivation and it is really important for a business house to re design the job for each employee to remove the unexciting factor from their work. It is duty of human resource department and organization to keep the employee motivated to the work. Some employee gives their full heart to the job and management does not give recognition to their work and they feel bad about their job. So it is important that employee work must be recognized and well praised by the boss.

It is important for organization to give perks and rewards to the hard working employee at the start of New Year that helps in keeping them motivated to work for the coming months. Job rotation policy is another important thing to keep them motivated. Money is sometime not a big issue for the employee so it is important that organization must act in a way that an employee feels he is part of the team. Give proper incentives to employees and provide them interesting task in order to develop creativity and skills among employees.


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