Introduction to Osaka Stainless

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In the metal industry, the big players know that when you need something cut accurately and the part is essential to the success of your product, you need an expert to design, cut and finish your part. They go to companies like Osaka Stainless which is a respected name in Japan.

Introduction to Osaka Stainless

Introduction to Osaka Stainless

Osaka Stainless has all sorts of screws, nuts, bolts, bars, flanges, fasteners in varying weight, dimension, and metal grade. Many of these products are on stock which means once you order, it can be delivered within days.
For special orders on customized designs, Osaka Stainless is able to execute even the most complex creations with its highly advanced technology and computer software.  All you have to do is send in the technical drawings and data, and the rest is up to them. They have been doing this for more than 50 years.
Some of their products include Hastelloy, Iconel, Monel, Incoloy, Inconel, Nickel, Nickel Alloy, Hex and Round bars. The company operates from Southeast Asia, Eastern Asia, and Oceania but ships to the rest of the world. With about 50 employees, 16 sawing machines, assorted cutting machine and precision tools, Osaka Stainless can create the profile of your required customized part within a short period time. In addition, they don’t require huge volumes to process your part. They accept short batch orders.
Their plant in China, the Fuqing Yaga Metal products is a massive production plant built in 2004. This plant is the key to their ability to offer services and parts at a lower rate. At a time when many businesses are floundering because of high prices and cost of labor, the forward thinking of Osaka Stainless has allowed them to stay relevant and be affordable to many.
It’s no surprise then with the Japanese penchant for discipline and hard work, and their intense desire to be accurate makes them the perfect metal work company to approach for special needs. No doubt, if you have worked with nuts and bolts before, you have used something from Osaka. That is, if you’ve stressed the need to use the best.

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