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The ship making industry is the most important industry in Japan.  Japan lost its position of largest ship making industry when the South Korea took over in 2003. After the great fall, the Japanese came up with even more spirit and enthusiasm. The Japanese ship making is paving its way to the ultimate success. When it comes to the quality and durability, Japanese ships are the first priority of every nation. The Japanese ship making industry makes the ships for the civil and the military purpose. The basic demand of the ships is for the recreational purpose. This industry is flourishing since 2009 and in the 2020; Japanese want to regain their position by signing different agreements with France and China. Presently South Korea is contributing 51.6% in the ship making industry, China is making 31.2% and Japan is on the third rank with 4.7%. Japan is identifying the areas where improvement is required in the ship making industry.

Ship making

Ship making

There are several advantages of preferring the Japanese ships. The ships are more durable and after a very strict series of quality tests, the ship reaches the destination. The guarantee is also given for a reasonable period of time. Japan is making the military ships for the United States of America since a long time. The high demand of the Japanese ships is present throughout the world. There is almost guarantee of every nut and bolt used in the ship. The repairing facilities are also offered free of cost during the guarantee period. The Japanese engineers are very keen in identifying the latest trends in the ship making industry. The latest techniques enable the modern ships to face the environmental stresses, more effectively. The primary focus of the Japanese ship making industry is on improving the quality rather than the quality. The ships produced by China and South Korea have many issues regarding the durability but the Japanese ships sail with dignity and full pride.

Thus the Japanese ship making industry is improving its rank and the main emphasis is on improving the quality. And when it comes to quality, Japanese ships are No. 1.

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